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A day at Dhow Dubai Cruise

Dhow Dubai Cruise History:

In the space of only a few short decades, Dubai has transformed from a sleepy desert emirate into a bustling crossroads of worldwide trade. There are man-made islands that have some of the most luxurious hotels in the world, together with guaranteed sunlight and enjoyable activities for the whole family. Dhow Dubai Dinner Cruises at Dubai Marina have been growing in popularity ever since they began operating around the time when Dubai Marina first opened its doors.

Things you should know About Dhow Dubai:

This two-hour Dhow Dubai dinner while cruising will take you around the canals of Dubai Marina and will provide you with a wonderful chance to see the city from a new point of view. Step aboard the “Dhow Dubai,” a reconstructed and refurbished wooden Arabic ship that now operates as a fine dining restaurant floating in Dubai Marina.

The Dhow Dubai Dinner has become a mainstay in the community and is among the city’s most popular destinations for tourists. Along with the beautiful view of the metropolis from the water, a buffet lunch consisting of five salads, seven entrées, a seafood soup, and four desserts will be provided. They will also perform live music throughout this event.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Activities | Dinner cruise at Dubai Marina

Enjoy a delectable lunch and some sightseeing while spending the evening cruising along one of Dubai’s many canals. Visit the bar aboard the cruise for a refreshing beverage. At the buffet, you may load up on salads, main courses, soups, and desserts to your heart’s content.

You will be able to take in breathtaking scenery of Dubai Marina. As well as JBR, Blue Water Beach, and the base of Palm Island while relaxing in the comfortable atmosphere of the Floating Restaurant.

The floating restaurant that has won several awards, has been serving customers in Dubai Marina almost continuously since it opened its doors in 2008. Since it first opened its doors, the notion of a dinner cruise has been enjoyed by over a million guests. This is due to the ongoing development of the crew directly supervising the vessel. Which has allowed for the accumulation of valuable experience through the process of trial and error.

Following is an Explanation of the Dhow Cruise:

This particular sector of Dubai’s tourism business has, over the course of a significant amount of time, grown and evolved into a significant and well-known category of tourist attraction.

At the beginning of the 1990s, there were just a handful of dhows sailing in the Creek. Even fewer of these could be seen at Dubai Marina. Dhow Dubai Cruises are well-known for the live entertainment that is provided on board, which may come in a variety of forms.

dinner at cruise | dhow cruise dinner in dubai marina
Dinner at Cruise Marina Dubai

A guy dressed in long, elaborate clothing performs Tanura, a traditional Turkish dance.. The boy spins around audience with the music. Due to how easy it is to find, it has mostly taken the place of belly dance. As it is the most popular form of entertainment in Dubai.

In 2010, few enterprising individuals transported dhow boats to Dubai Marina. These Dhow put them up as shops and floating cafes. This was the beginning of the notion of a dinner cruise in the region. The Dhow Cruise Marina is quickly gaining popularity among the businesses that are responsible for bringing visitors to Dubai. At this point in time, most luxurious activity that can be done in Dubai. This activity is to go on a dinner cruise in Dubai Marina.

Glass Cruise Marina:

On a Dhow Dubai dinner while cruising, you may experience the opulence of a fine dining. This will establish while taking in vistas that can only be viewed from the sea. When eating out, people will often remark on the scenery, but few restaurants can compare to ours in this regard.

You will glide by the Cayenne Tower as it spins, the whole JBR waterfront, and the brand-new Blue Water Island. Which is home to the world-famous Dubai Eye. You have option of just going along for voyage, or you may choose to have full supper at cruise.

A lively performance by the cruise’s in-house entertainment company is something. That diners on the Dhow Dubai Cruise can look forward to enjoying throughout their meal. The traditional wooden dhow, which has served as Dubai Marina’s primary cargo ship for many decades. These cruises provides a pleasant contrast to the marina’s ultra-modern and seemingly futuristic vistas.

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