Dhow Cruise Deira

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek show the transformation of Dubai Creek which used to be a major trading center. That was divided among the neighborhoods of Deira and Bur Dubai. Back ago, it served as the city’s main port, providing access to places like East Africa and India. The Creek was also heavily used by traditional fishing villages in the United Arab Emirates. The Creek has undergone substantial development in recent years and is now home to a number of well-known buildings, historic landmarks, and tourist attractions. Why not go on a dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek tour, if you’re seeking for something different to do when you explore this side of the city?

Why Go For a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

At Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek, visitors have the rare opportunity to see how brilliantly the city has combined the old and the new, the traditional and the modern. Discover the historic charm of the city as you cruise down the peaceful waters of the Creek. You’ll get to see landmarks like the Heritage Village, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and more! Also, if you choose the right Creek dhow cruise, you can enjoy a wonderful international buffet dinner and a variety of live entertainment.

Heritage village view by Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek

What to Expect on a Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek?

A Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek will provide you with an immersive, action-packed, and enjoyable experience. Not only do you receive a view that will stick with you for a long time, but as the icing on the cake, you also get a fantastic dinner and some live entertainment.

Sightseeing on Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek:

You may view the meeting of the old and new Dubai while taking a dhow cruise in Dubai Creek. With lovely winds, quiet seas, and famous monuments like Sheikh Saeed’s House, the Old Boat Fort, the Sheraton Dubai Creek, Heritage Village, the National Bank of Dubai, and more nearby, the environment is perfect for unwinding on a balmy evening. Both daytime and evening cruises are available for guests.

Dinner of Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek:

If you want to take your experience to the next level, consider booking a dinner at Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek. You can have a fantastic live international Buffet dinner with bbq. It is just beneath the clear night sky, replete with a three- or five-course feast with gourmet dishes from countries all over the world. While you are enjoying your meal, take in all of the amazing things that are surrounding you. In addition to some delectable dates, your dinner cruise will also provide some refreshing refreshments, such mineral water or soft drinks.

Dinner while Cruising at Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek | Dhow Cruise Diera | Dhow Cruise Dubai

Entertainment Dhow Cruise in Dubai Creek:

A dhow cruise in the evening is incomplete without live entertainment to keep your spirits up during the Cruise along Dubai Creek. Depending on your ticket selection, you will be treated to live music performed in the native tongue by professional vocalists, as well as Tanoura dance shows, puppet shows, or magic shows. On a Creek dhow trip, the entertainment selections are certain to captivate you.

Plan Your Experience:


When do the dhow cruises around Dubai Creek often depart?

Evening cruises typically depart between the hours of 9:00 PM and 11:00 PM, while daytime cruises begin at 10:00 AM and continue until sunset.

When are cruises of Dubai Creek going to be offered?

Every day of the week, cruises along Dubai Creek are available to book. You also have the option of going on a cruise during the day or during the night.

How long does a sail in Dubai Creek last?

Every day of the week, cruises along Dubai Creek are available to book. You also have the option of going on a cruise during the day or during the night.


Where do dhow ships begin their journeys around Dubai Creek?

The majority of cruises leave from Baniyas Road near Dubai Creek; however, the departure point can vary based on the excursion that you book. Your reserved ticket will include the most up-to-date information on the event.

Where exactly is the Dubai Creek found?

It can be found on Baniyas Road, which can be found in Dubai Creek, in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

How can I make my way to the Dubai Creek?

Taking a metro to Union Station, which is the closest stop to Dubai Creek, is the quickest method to get there. From that point on, you can easily reach your destination by foot.


What should I wear for a cruise on a dhow across Dubai Creek?

Guests on a cruise are welcome to dress in something that is both subdued and relaxed. Your best bets are to wear pants, shorts, t-shirts, and either flat shoes or sandals. Dressing in an elegant but relaxed manner is recommended for dinner cruises.

Are there options for hotel transfers available with the cruises on Dubai Creek?

Before you purchase a cruise, you should make sure that it clearly includes hotel transfers. Not all cruise reservations include hotel transfers. Transfers to and from hotels are exclusively offered for guests staying in hotels rather than flats in Dubai.

 What guidelines should I abide by when I'm on a cruise?

Guests are asked to refrain from staring down from the deck, to keep their social distance from one another, and to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner while participating in the activities.
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