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Street Food in Dubai

12 Places to Try Best Shawarmas in Street food in Dubai For The Foodie In You

As a staple of Middle Eastern street food cuisine, shawarma has become a local favorite in Dubai, despite not being a meal that originated in the United Arab Emirates. Even though shawarma probably has its roots in the Levant rather than the Arabian Peninsula, it has become one of the most popular street food near me in the UAE’s Street Food Festival.

There are several great restaurants in the city like Dhow Cruise Deira that provide shawarma, whether you’re looking for a fast lunch or a filling snack at 2 in the morning. Every square inch of Dubai has at least one place to get shawarma, and that’s probably not an exaggeration. However, the topic at hand is the finest shawarma in all of Dubai.

You have a firm grasp of the subject at hand. Fresh pita (or saj; more on that later) stuffed with slow-grilled, beautifully seasoned beef in rendered fat juices, sliced, and drizzled with garlic sauce, served with a handful of salty pickle batons and piping hot French fries Ideas for Street food.

street food in dubai

Street Food Restaurants:

There are many street food restaurants in Dubai but here some of them are explained below with my own experience.

Street Food at Al Baik:

al baik restaurant

You should try the shawarma at Albaik street food, even though they are more renowned for their fried chicken nuggets. It’s not like traditional shawarma, in which the meat is sliced very thinly; instead, it’s a little chunkier. However, at just Dhs5.50, it’s a wonderful budget alternative for when you’re in the mood for a sandwich but don’t want to break the bank doing so. Grilled chicken filet is stuffed inside a pita and served with garlic or tahini sauce, fries, and pickles. Read More:

Allo Beirut:

Allo Beirut, an excellent newcomer to the city’s fast-casual Levantine scene, serves up some serious shawarma. Choose beef, chicken, or aallo beirut restaurant platter of either instead of pre-wrapped and ready to eat. One may also get freshly baked saj instead of traditional Arabic bread if one prefers, but we won’t get into a debate over which is better (classic, of course) (wait, who said that?). Everything is fine. Doing the wraps? I recommend ordering a large.

Our group has just unanimously decided that Al Beiruti is the best Lebanese restaurant in 2022. Chicken and beef shawarma platters continue to win hearts and satisfy appetites, despite the popularity of the manakish and Al Beiruti fries (the latter of which are topped with yogurt, sumac, zaatar, and parmesan). Thin-cut fries, grilled potatoes, coleslaw, and salad toppings are all available on the side.

Al Hallab:

dubai street food al hallab restaurantThis shawarma is among the city’s finest. However, this doesn’t imply that one must cover it with gold foil or stuff it with caviar. Al Hallab’s golden touch lies in the freshly made, pillowy soft bread that envelops a succulent piece of chicken, a mound of spicy garlic paste, crispy fries, and tangy pickles. A shawarma that rivals any in Dubai.

Al Falamanki Street Food:

When in Lebanon, we never pass up the opportunity to visit Al Falamanki, a bakery that serves some of the greatest Lebanese pastries inal falamanki restaurant the city and is replete with an air of understated elegance. When we go, we can’t help but order a plate of zesty and tender beef-filled shawarma rolls.

Al Ijaza Cafeteria:

street food dubaiAl Ijaza is a Jumeirah Beach Road institution and a longtime customer favorite. No surprise this unassuming café has lasted for so long; it offers an absurdly extensive selection of brightly colored drinks, cheap snacks, and the quintessential UAE service of bringing the kiosk to the customer’s vehicle window. In addition to its deliciousness, shawarma from that restaurant makes the cut because of the fond memories it brings back from the past.

Al Mallah at Street Food Dubai:

In search of some really delicious street fare? In other words, you must include Al Mallah in your itinerary. Ever since its modestdubai street food with al mallah restaurant beginnings in the late 1970s as a juice bar, this location in Dubai has been a staple, and it is now also renowned as a great place to get some shawarma. We don’t need a reason to keep coming back for more of either chicken or lamb, despite the constant dispute about which is superior. Especially considering their low starting price of Aed 9, The meat is tender, the garlic sauce is flavorful, and the bread is light and airy.

Al Mandaloun

al mandaloun restaurantAl Mandaloun is the place to go in the bustling DIFC neighborhood for genuine Lebanese cuisine. Feel free to stuff yourself silly on the mezze to start. But you should save space for the shawarma (there’s always room for shawarma, right?). The mixed meat plate is a real feast, with marinated chicken and lamb strips, fries, vegetables, sesame and garlic sauce, and other tasty toppings.

Street Food With Al Nafoorah:

al nafoorah restaurant light spot

This shawarma is one of the costlier alternatives, at Aed70 a pop. Nowhere else offers a superior upscale shawarma. We smoke the chicken to juicy perfection, add just the right spice, and use tangy, crunchy pickles and light, airy bread. In a nutshell, the traditional street food dish tastes as good as new.

Al Safadi:

al safadi restaurant street foodOne of the greatest Lebanese restaurants in town, this informal chain has four locations around Dubai. This will make it easy to get your shawarma fix whenever you want it. The Pointe, for example, has a price tag that is among the highest on our list, but the upscale atmosphere is well worth it. One of the finest combos is hummus and chicken shawarma, but you can also skip the bread and get a plate with a ton of chicken, garlic sauce, fries, and pickles.

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